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I am available for readings Monday through Friday between 11am and 2pm Pacific Time (-07:00).  Fill out a private form by clicking on Schedule Now below, and I will be in touch to schedule a meeting and with payment options.

Do not be afraid to reach out if these times do not work with your schedule.  I’m sure we can work something out.

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Everyone is capable of greatness! What is your purpose?

Life Path Reading


A brief look into the moment of your birth and how this sets you up for your life’s purpose with a focus on the North and South Node life path energy.

Birth Chart Reading + Progressed Moon


A much more in depth look at the moment of your birth that can help you to see how to understand and utilize your unique gifts to reach your full potential.  I will also include a brief view into the current theme of this time in your life.

A Look Ahead


Add this on to any birth chart reading (or as a follow-up for current clients) for a look at the major energies headed your way over the next year.

Readings for your Children

50% Off

As parents, we can see great potential in our children.  It can sometimes be challenging to see how to best guide them toward becoming their best selves.  Understanding your child on this level can be quite helpful as a parent.  Learn what truly makes your child tick and become a spiritual leader for their journey.

Our children are the key to a brighter future for humanity.  This is an aspect of Astrology that I am passionate about.  Therefore, I am happy to offer any of the above services for your children that are still under 18 years of age for half the price.

Value -> Currency -> Money -> Wealth


What holds importance in your life? What has efficacy for you? I value healthy interdependence or mutually beneficial exchanges.


The rate at which anything is generally valued. A convenient way to quantify value.


A stable store of value.


At it’s simplest, wealth is the value that you have stored less any bondages (or debt) in your life.  It is defined as prosperity and external happiness.  You must first discover what you value so that you can then quantify it and store it.  Remove any bondages and replace them with healthy interdependence.  That is when you will truly discover wealth.

I want you to feel free to get creative when exchanging value with me so that we can both build wealth. Let me know what you have to offer for my services when you schedule a reading with me. Together, we can create a mutually beneficial exchange.