Taurus Moonth 2024

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Taurus New Moon 06-06-24 04:44:15 (-07:00)

Innovation of Structures for the Future Reshapes Resources, Values and Relationships

There are two cycles that should be looked at with new moons. One is the monthly cycle from new moon to new moon (think short term goals) and the other is roughly a six month cycle that ends when the full moon is in the same sign (long term goals). New moons offer a chance to set intentions that line up with the current energy flow.

Taurus New Moon 06-06-24 04:44:15 (-07:00)​

The Taurus 2024 Moonth

An ever present under current theme to this moonth has to do with Saturn in Aquarius which represents thinking outside the box with structures or long term plans.  As we continue to innovate the structure of our future (or have it done for you if you take a back seat), we will see a reshaping of our values, resources and relationships as a result.  The moonth ends with Saturn retrograde at the tail end of Aquarius, giving us a chance to revisit our plans for the future and mold them as we see fit.  Saturn will be retrograde into November and will not finalize Aquarius until early 2025.  This is our chance to hash and rehash our plan for the future before we must start building in earnest next year.

Our Taurus Moonth starting with the New Moon on June 6th

This New Moon in Taurus just about perfectly conjunct Venus presents an opportunity for a rebirth of our resources, values and relationships.  A trine to the South Node offers another opportunity to release just a bit more of our past patterns related to work, health and service.  A square to Saturn challenges us to think outside the box when it comes to plans for the future.  Of note, Jupiter and Pluto are in a trine, making it much easier to envision and embrace transformation at this time.  

The first quarter moon on June 13th in Virgo forms a T square to Venus and Mercury with the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius.  This challenges us to balance the flow of innovating structures for the future with work, health and service.  As we strike this balance we can better integrate our communications, values, resources & relationships.

The full moon on June 21st in Sagittarius coincides with the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice this year.  On the longest day of the year, we are invited to check in our higher perspective.  As we take this Eagle eye view of our lives, a T square to Neptune in Pisces reminds us to integrate the divine flow with balancing this view with the rebirth of our values, resources and relationships as well as our communications.

The last quarter moon on June 28th in Pisces conjunct the North Node challenges us to trust the path that we are on.  A T square to Venus encourages us to integrate the rebirth of our values, resources and relationships.  

The six month cycle of this new moon prompts a status check with the development of this rebirth of values, resources and relationships in November and December with the full moons in Taurus.  Set any intentions with this longer cycle in mind.

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