Cancer 2022 Moonth

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Cancer New Moon 07-28-22 09:42:30 (-07:00)

A Selfless Brotherly Love will Aide us in Creating a Protective Environment

There are two cycles that should be looked at with new moons. One is the monthly cycle from new moon to new moon (think short term goals) and the other is roughly a six month cycle that ends when the full moon is in the same sign (long term goals). New moons offer a chance to set intentions that line up with the current energy flow.

Cancer New Moon 07-28-22 09:42:30 (-07:00)​

The Cancer (August) 2022 Moonth

There is a theme that I am seeing this moonth with Uranus, Mars and the North Node coming together in Aries.  The three of these coming together in Aries illuminates a pointed, confident, destiny driven fight for freedom.  The moon starts slow with a new moon in Cancer placing an emphasis on our need for security and protection.  It can be a bit trepidatious to assert oneself when you feel that your security is threatened.   However, as the moon moves through its quarters it is continually aspected by this stellium in Aries.  First it is in opposition to it at the first quarter challenge.  Then, it squares off to it at the full moon before coming to terms with it through the lens of self-reliance at the last quarter challenge.  I, for one, am very curious to see how this moonth will play out.

Our Cancer Moonth starting with the new moon on July 28th

This new moon shifts our focus onto providing a protective environment for ourselves and those around us.  There is a trine to Jupiter in Pisces showing support via selfless brotherly love.  With an opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius, we will likely find ourselves seeking balance with a transformation of morals, religion and higher meaning.  As the meaning of life is transforming all around us, how do we continue to provide security for ourselves and each other?

The first quarter moon on August 5th presents a challenge at 0º Libra opposite Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Aries.  Diplomacy and the pointed, confident, destiny driven fight for freedom are in opposition.  Seek to strike a balance between the two.  Lean too far toward diplomacy and your freedoms will be overrun.  Use too much force in an effort to guarantee your freedom and you’ll likely end up in chains.  Strike a balance between the two as you come across your first challenge toward creating a protective environment for you and yours.  

The full moon on August 11th in Capricorn prompts a status check on our intentions for the month as well as the last roughly six months. Look to any harvests, or lack thereof, that take time to develop.  Capricorn is the long, slow, systematic approach to accomplishment.  What have you been diligent with in your life?  What do you need to be more diligent with in your life?  This full moon in Capricorn is conjunct Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, adding an extra emphasis on a look at the long road ahead.  Yes, we have come so far, but we still have a long way to go.  It is in a square to that stellium, reminding us of the square off we are in between freedom and restriction.  Mars has dipped into Taurus at this time and pushes us toward self-reliance.

The last quarter moon challenge on August 18th in Taurus places us right in the middle of the stellium that is drifting apart.  The moon is conjunct Mars making it apparent that self-reliance is the way forward if we are to provide a protective environment for ourselves and those that we care for.  Don’t lose sight of the stage being set for support through brotherly love. There is a grand trine to Mercury in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius.  We will see our way through this challenge by cherishing communication and exchange with others and embracing the transformation to a higher morality.  

The six month cycle of this new moon will prompt a status check in February with a full moon in Leo. This cycle could feel even longer yet, as there will not be a full moon in Cancer until late January of 2024.  There will be long term themes around security as a result.  Set any long term goals with this in mind. 

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