Leo 2022 Moonth

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Leo New Moon 08-27-22 00:42:54 (-07:00)

Lead with your Heart in the Present while Balancing Values with Duty

There are two cycles that should be looked at with new moons. One is the monthly cycle from new moon to new moon (think short term goals) and the other is roughly a six month cycle that ends when the full moon is in the same sign (long term goals). New moons offer a chance to set intentions that line up with the current energy flow.

Leo New Moon 08-27-22 00:42:54 (-07:00)​

The Leo (September) 2022 Moonth

This Leo moonth begins just as a Grand Cross is releasing. This is basically four T-squares that have all come together. The integration of these T-squares is a very stable base to lead from, and Leo is all about leading with your heart through creative expression. The Grand Cross is formed by Uranus with the North Node in Aries, the South Node in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Leo. The best way to integrate with any T-square is by focusing on balancing the opposition. The North and South Nodes are always in opposition. The North Node highlights the future and the South Node the past. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that balancing the two equates to living in the present. Uranus has been highlighting the importance of this most of the year just simply by activating the Nodal Axis. Uranus represents our deeply felt, often erratic, need for the freedom to be our true selves. I would argue that the most likely place in time that you can accomplish this is in the ever present. The other opposition to balance with this Grand Cross is between Venus and Saturn. As we continue on this journey forging a path for free expression we must strike a balance between what we value and our obligations. Find a middle ground here, live in the present moment and lead the way with your hearts.

Our Leo Moonth starting with the new moon on August 27th

This new moon highlights a need for creative expression and spending time with those that we love. With a square to Mars in Taurus, we will likely find creative expression challenged by our need for resources. Harken back to the Grand Cross we are easing off of and balance what you value (both resources and beings) with your obligations. Challenge yourself. Are you apt to play too much and not put energy toward gathering resources? For others, it’s all work and no play. This is a good moonth to accept the challenge and shift your energy on these fronts.

The first quarter moon on September 3rd offers a challenge in Scorpio, now in an opposition to Mars in Taurus. There is a deep truth emerging having to do with our need for resources at this time. With a trine to Jupiter in Pisces, there is support via empathy for our fellow humans. It feels to me that our best path through this time is by living free in the ever present moment.

The full moon on September 10th in Aquarius invites a status check on our intentions for the moonth as well as the last roughly six moonths. Look to any harvests, or lack thereof, with our visions for the future of humanity. How far have we come on our quest for community? There is support from our past, with a trine to the South Node. The moon is approaching a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces bringing a deeply felt emotion to the surface. With the Dispositor of Aquarius, Uranus, in a trine to the Sun in Leo this full moon, we should find an ease toward sharing our true creative selves with those we love.

The last quarter moon challenge on September 17th in Taurus presents another challenge with resources. With a square to Neptune in Pisces, we will be challenged with regard to charity. Are you too giving and worried about your fellow humans such that you are not setting aside what you need for you and yours? Or are you fearful to a point that you shy away from charity because of self-preservation? Challenge yourself to shift the energy here away from your normal tendencies. A trine to Saturn eases this square by showing us the duty bound decisions that must be made.

The six month cycle of this new moon will prompt a status check in March with a full moon in Leo. Set any long term goals with this in mind.

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