Taurus 2022 Moonth

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Taurus New Moon 05-30-22 03:49:19 (-07:00)

Dig Deep within Yourself—You Have What You Need

There are two cycles that should be looked at with new moons. One is the monthly cycle from new moon to new moon (think short term goals) and the other is roughly a six month cycle that ends when the full moon is in the same sign (long term goals). New moons offer a chance to set intentions that line up with the current energy flow.

Taurus New Moon 05-30-22 03:49:19 (-07:00)​

Taurus is my Ascendant sign, therefore, I resonate well with this time of year. When correlating to the seasons, Taurus is the time when plants take root and become strong. Coming off of an Aries Moonth in which the focus is on our primal needs, it is now time to lean into our innate resourcefulness and allow our ambitions to take root and build strength for the future. Last moonth was also flavored by a Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (just finishing up right near this new moon). Everything we have been blessed to learn during this retrograde will have been an excellent foreshadow to this moonth. Take everything you’ve learned in your resource sector over these past few weeks; dig deep within yourself and allow your seed of self-reliance to take root so that you may enjoy the fruits of its harvest in the times to come.

This new moon is marking a new beginning with resources coming off of a Mercury Retrograde in the same sign. Set the intention to take the lessons you learned during the retrograde and implement them moving forward. This moon is in a sextile with the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. There are opportunities available to support a new beginning with our resources, but we must trust our intuition to see and seize them. Sextiles are just an opening; we choose whether or not to walk through the door. Venus is the dispositor (ruler) of Taurus and is just finalizing all of her spiritual work in Pisces. You will likely have had quite the spiritual focus regarding your values and relationships over this past moonth. That is all finalizing with Venus on the Pisces/Aries cusp. Allow yourself to feel rooted in your spiritual values and apply that to self-value. The means to continue on this adventure will come from within all of us. It will not be handed to us from without. Find value in yourself this moonth and use that to propel your new beginning with resources.

The first quarter moon on June 7th brings another challenge in Leo (similar to last moonth) which represents our creative expression and fun loving sides. Find a way to integrate creative expression into your resource sectors. Don’t loose sight of your own self-worth. What can your creative side bring to your resource sector? Look within. A loose opposition to Neptune in Pisces provides a gentle reminder of the rough seas surrounding us. A trine to both Uranus and Venus in Aries eases this challenge through our strong desire for, and value of, the freedom to be our true selves. Leaning into that will illuminate the best path.

The full moon on June 14th in Ophiuchus prompts a status check on our intentions for the month as well as the last roughly six months. Look to any harvests, or lack thereof, that you see shaping up in your resource sector. Ophiuchus is the healer in the Zodiac. He shares space on the ecliptic with Scorpio. By diving into our wounds and uncovering deep truths about ourselves (Scorpio), we are able to emerge through Ophiuchus healed before taking on the expansive energy of Saggittarius. This full moon in Ophiuchus is in a T Square to Neptune (both the Sun and Moon square Neptune from opposite sides). There is deep healing available if you accept the challenge to go with the flow and trust in divine timing. There is also a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. The structure and restriction in our lives has the ability to aide us to see this new resource path more clearly.

The last quarter moon challenge on June 20th in Pisces quite near both Neptune and Jupiter places an emphasis on the rough seas that we are in at the moment. The moon is in a sextile to both Pluto in Sagittarius and Venus in Taurus. Geometrically, this means that Pluto and Venus are in a supportive trine to each other. Walk through these doors and trust in divine timing and open yourself up to the possibility of transforming your perception and values so that you can take the best advantage of this energy.

The long term cycle of this new moon will prompt a status check in early December with a full moon in Taurus. Set any long term goals with this in mind. It will provide another opportunity to look to your harvest. Have you found value within? Are you further along on your journey toward self-reliance? How local are your resources now vs. earlier this year?

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