The Astrology Misconception

sun sign dates

When you look up at the sky, the constellations on the ecliptic (the path that the sun appears to move along) are different sizes.  The chart I use takes this into consideration.  Astrology should be intimately connected with Astronomy.  In fact, most believe that it is.  Here in lies the misconception.

Tropical (Western) Astrology sets the Sun in Aries at the Spring Equinox and uses an even 30 degrees for each sign from that point forward.  The fact is, when you map to the sky, the sun is in Pisces at the Spring Equinox and the signs are different sizes in the sky.  Vedic (Eastern) Astrology sets the zodiac at the correct starting position and is much more accurate as a result.  However, an even 30 degrees is still used which adds a level of complexity to that system that can easily be resolved by using an asymmetric representation.

The signs can change quite a bit from what most are use to when looking at True Sidereal Astrology.  I have found that this form of astrology is much more accurate on a deeper level.  Curiously, the way that Tropical Astrology is calculated, usually places your sun sign one constellation ahead in the sky.  When you look at the overall story that the constellations on the ecliptic tell, you will see that the sign just after its predecessor shows a level of growth having been achieved on the overall journey.  Most of us would like to see the best in ourselves, and we are on a journey to learn the lessons necessary to mature toward the next step in the journey.  This, I believe, is why it is easy for some to resonate with Tropical Astrology even though it does not match the sky.  I challenge you to be honest with yourself.  For example, are you actually a Capricorn (steadfast, diligent & a hard worker) or do you aspire to be so as a Sagittarius seeking meaning in life?  

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